Reasons To Replace Your Skylights During Your Roof Replacement

Skylight,on,a,residential,home,,exterior,shotReasons To Replace Your Skylights During Your Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is a significant investment. So you want to make sure that you’re getting the most value for your money. That’s why many contractors recommend that you replace your skylights with your new roof. Putting your skylights in during a roof replacement can help you save money and time in the long run. And by replacing your skylights along with your roof, you can eliminate redundancies for materials and labor, saving you more money down the road.

Roof Lifespan

There are a variety of factors that impact the lifespan of a roof. One of the most important is the climate. Homes in Florida, for example, typically experience more heat from the sun than those in other parts of the country, which can significantly affect the lifespan of a roof. Another factor that affects the lifespan of a roof is regular maintenance. Performing periodic inspections and repairs will extend the average life of your roof. Performing a roof maintenance routine will help you spot any small problems early on. This will ensure that these problems don’t become larger issues and potentially cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in energy-efficient appliances, windows, lighting, and HVAC systems can save homeowners money on their utility bills. Additionally, energy efficiency is often a consideration when building new homes or commercial properties. For example, LED light bulbs use 75 to 80 percent less electricity than incandescent lights. This reduces a building’s energy consumption and decreases its impact on the environment.

Another energy-efficient option is to install skylights in a home. They provide natural sunlight and passive solar heat for a more comfortable indoor experience. In addition to saving energy, skylights can also increase the value of a property and provide aesthetic appeal. In addition, some types of skylights may be eligible for tax credits.


The appearance of a new roof is often a major draw for home buyers and can increase the value of your property. However, if your skylights are also in need of replacement, doing so simultaneously can deter potential buyers from wanting to purchase your building altogether. A failing skylight can leak and cause moisture damage to your home which will eventually lead to mold. Replacing your skylights in conjunction with a new roof can help keep your home safe and healthy for many years to come.


Skylights can be a great way to bring natural light into your home without the cost and hassle of installing new windows. But like any roof, they’re not immune to deterioration over time. Your roof pitch and height can also impact the labor costs of repairing a skylight. The steeper your roof, the more difficult it is for pros to safely access a skylight, so their bids can be 10-20% higher. Replacing a leaking skylight isn’t something you want to do on your own, so you should contact a roofing professional here at Manada Roofing Inc. for help. Our professionals are familiar with the best way to repair skylights and can help you choose a new window type and placement that’s compatible with your existing roof!