Should I Have My Solar Panels Removed By A Roofing Contractor Before A Roof Replacement?

Should I Have My Solar Panels Removed By A Roofing Contractor

Before A Roof Replacement?

When installing solar panels, you may not have thought about whether or not you should replace your roof before they are installed. However, if your roof is in bad shape or has less than 20 years left on it, replacing it first could be in your best interests. Taking your existing solar panels off before having a roof replacement is critical for both the integrity of the new roof and to prevent damage to the equipment you’ve already paid for. Only professional solar installers are qualified to safely perform this task, so make sure you hire a licensed and experienced contractor to handle the job.


Solar panels are an excellent way to lower your energy bills and help the environment. But they are not without their problems. Depending on the size and type of your system, you may need to have them removed before you get a roof replacement. Removing a system requires the solar circuit to be disconnected from the main line, which can add to labor costs. It’s also a big job, and it should be done by licensed professionals. A skilled roofing contractor should be able to remove and transport your solar panels safely. They should also be able to store them securely until they are time to reinstall.


The amount of time it takes to remove and reinstall solar panels depends on the type of roof, system size, repairs, and other factors. For a small residential system, removal and reinstallation can take about three days. The best way to ensure that your solar energy system is safely removed and reinstalled is to hire professional solar installers. These experts have extensive experience in this field and can do the job quickly and efficiently. Technicians will also need to make sure that your equipment is safely stored before they begin. Ideally, this storage will be in a safe location away from the roof replacement project.


If your roof is aging, it may be time to consider replacing it. There are often cases when a solar panel will need to be removed before a roof replacement is completed. In most of these cases, this is because the solar system adds about 3 pounds of weight per square foot to your roof, but older roofs may not be able to support the extra weight. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, and they typically last 20 years or more. However, solar panels can last more than 30 years, and they are designed to exceed the lifespan of some residential roofing systems. As a result, your roofing contractor should do a thorough inspection before they install your solar panels.