What Is A Linear Foot When Measuring A Roof?

What Is A Linear Foot When Measuring A Roof?

When you are looking to purchase lumber, fabrics, or materials for your floor or fencing, it is usually sold in linear feet. It’s important to know how to convert measurements into linear feet so that you can be sure you are getting the correct amount of material for your needs.

Identifying A Linear Foot

Linear feet are a simple way to measure length. Just use a ruler or measuring tape that has markings in one-inch increments. For example, you may need to measure the length of baseboards or crown molding when you are doing home improvement. You can also use a linear foot when calculating the amount of lumber you need to complete your construction project. It is also important to know the correct unit of measurement for your freight shipments. Carrier companies rely on precise measurements to ensure your goods arrive safely and without damage, so knowing how to calculate your linear feet can help you avoid fines and other unnecessary costs.


A linear foot is a measurement that’s 12 inches long, and it’s measured in a straight line. It’s the simplest construction measurement and is used by many construction materials. The main difference between linear feet and square feet is that a linear foot measures the length of an object, while a square foot measures the area of an object. This is important when it comes to figuring out how much space something will take up in a room or home. This is also the main reason why freight carriers use the cube rule when calculating how much room a shipment will take up in a truck or trailer. For example, if you’re planning to move your entire home across the country, it might make sense to take measurements in linear feet rather than square feet.

Measurement In A Straight Line

Unlike arcs and perimeters, linear feet are measured in inches instead of centimeters. Whether you’re painting a room, buying carpeting, or calculating the amount of wood you need for your next construction project, knowing how to measure in linear feet will help you get the job done right. When you’re measuring in a straight line, use ranging poles to mark each end of the distance. Place your ruler on the ground with its first end at one of the ranging poles, then move it down to the next. Repeat until you’re near the end of the line.