When Do Roof Tiles Need to Be Repaired Or Replaced?

Repair,work,on,the,roofWhen Do Roof Tiles Need to Be Repaired Or Replaced?

When it comes to tile roofs, there will inevitably be a time when the tiles need repair. This can occur due to a variety of sources including wind, debris, or freezing weather. When this happens, it is crucial to remove and replace the damaged roof tiles with new ones in a timely manner. Do keep in mind that this is often a challenging task, and one that should be left to the professionals.

Damaged Roof Tiles

Damaged tiles are a common problem on tile roofs. If left unrepaired, they can allow water to seep into the roof’s underlying structure and cause damage. Broken roof tiles should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage and keep your home safe. If you notice any minor cracks or holes in your tiles, you can repair them with plastic roofing cement. Once you have removed the broken tile, it should be easy to slide the new one into place. The replacement tile will interlock with the tiles around it to stop water entering the roof space. It is important to remove any shims that were used during the repair process and ensure all the surrounding tiles are properly seated. This should also help avoid water damming. And of course, you can replace a few damaged roof tiles yourself if you have the right tools and know-how. However, as we mentioned earlier, it may just be more convenient to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Tile Repair/Replacement

You can repair damaged tiles by cleaning them with a wire brush and using plastic roofing cement to seal cracks and holes. Next, you can use a trowel to smooth the surface. When you are repairing a tile, make sure that it is of the same type as the other tiles on your roof. This will help it to fit properly and avoid leaks from happening in the future.

Alternatively, you can also replace the broken tile completely. However, you should do this only if the other tiles on your roof are not cracked or missing. To replace the broken tile, you should lift up the surrounding tiles with a flat pry bar. Then, gently nudge the broken tile out of place and slide the replacement one into place. If the tile is a small one, you can use a tile clip to hold it in place.

And while a few damaged roof tiles may be easy to fix on your own, if you have multiple broken or missing tiles, it may be time for a new roof replacement altogether. In these cases, you are definitely better off letting a professional handle the task instead. They will know how to make the repair properly and ensure that it meets building code requirements.


If a tile on your roof has been damaged by strong wind, you may be entitled to have it replaced. This is likely to be covered by your insurance policy as long as the tile can be matched with the same quality, color and size. As soon as you notice the damage, call your insurer to discuss the issue and confirm that the damage is covered under your policy. They will also help you understand your deductible, the amount that you must pay out-of-pocket before they begin to cover the rest of your repair or replacement costs.

Before submitting an official roofing insurance claim, take photographs of the damaged area. This will help substantiate the damages and provide evidence for negotiations with your insurance company. It can also be helpful to keep a record of all correspondence with your insurer or claims adjuster. This will be useful if there are any discrepancies between the evidence provided by the insurance company and the repairs carried out by your contractor.

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