The Advantages of Using Drones for Roof Inspections

Roof inspections can tell you a lot about a roof’s condition and if it requires repair or replacement. Inspections are often performed regularly, after severe weather, or when there are signs of damage. However, roof inspections often present several difficulties, and improving the process is a consistent goal. Drone roof inspections are one way to improve the process of inspecting a roof and solving existing issues with the standard process of simply climbing on the roof yourself to check its condition.

Reasons To Use Drones for Roof Inspections

  • It’s Safer: Drones present a promising future in making roof inspections far safer. Modern buildings often make use of complex designs and steep roofing layouts. In addition to being dangerous to walk on these roofs can be hard to examine due to the layout. A drone removes the danger and also makes examining out-of-the-way areas far easier.
  • It’s Faster: A drone can inspect a roof far quicker than climbing onto it and doing an on-sight inspection. You can use the time more effeminacy without having to set up equipment and physically do the inspection yourself. The inspection itself also goes faster as the drone can view the roof and collect data faster than a person can.
  • Data Collection: Modern drones do a lot more than collect images and video. Drones can collect measurements such as the roof’s area, length, pitch, and other measurements such as ridges, valleys, edges, and other precise figures. These measurements can also be collected in file formats that are compatible with the software you make use of.
  • It Makes Financial Sense: A drone is far more cost-efficient for inspecting roofs. The equipment costs for inspecting a roof the old-fashioned way require a lot of equipment such as ladders and other safety equipment. With a drone, you can inspect roofs with far less equipment. Also, a drone can allow you to inspect more roofs in a single day increasing overall profits.
  • Convenient For The Customer: Another advantage a drone offers is convenience for your customers. A drone does not interrupt your customers’ day and flies over the property collecting useful information. By comparison, an in-person inspection creates noise and can interfere with your clients’ daily activity due to people having to be on their property.

Final Thoughts

Drones have seen notable improvements in recent years, and this has led to them being very effective tools in several industries. Roof inspections are one area where drones are notability suitable and improve the overall process.