How To Pick the Correct Roof for the Weather Conditions

When you get work done here at Manada Roofing Inc., you can expect to receive the best service that you could ever want to have. In particular, we help people figure out what kind of roof they need for a variety of different conditions. After all, a new roof isn’t an everyday occurrence. You might not know what you need to get to combat the various weather conditions that you could face. Only when you get in touch with an experienced and proven roofing contractor from our team can you get the information you really need. 

Living in an Area Subject to Hail? 

Some parts of the country are more prone to hailstorms than others. If you happen to live in an area where a hailstorm is a serious threat, then you need to speak with your roofing contractor about getting special impact-resistant products to keep your roof safe. These materials are tested against baseballs, and other equipment is dropped against them. That allows you to rest assured that your roof can stand up to virtually anything thrown at it. You can enjoy that your roof will have the quality resistance you have come to expect from the quality products you need to stay safe. 

Very Hot Environments

Another consideration for many people is what to do when they happen to live in a very hot environment. Should they look for special roofing equipment that is unique to that environment? The answer is probably yes. Roofs are subject to contraction, and this can leave them vulnerable in very hot environments. Instead of taking a chance with an ordinary roof, you should look for a roof with specialty shingles designed to combat the heat and reflect as much of that heat as possible back into the atmosphere. When that is the type of roof you have, you will know that it will stand up to the test of time. 

Look for products that specify that they are solar-reflective. This will let you know that you are dealing with panels specifically crafted to take the solar rays from the sun and reflect them back into the atmosphere as much as possible. 

Algae Resistant Tiles

Yet another thing that you can consider with your tiles is to look for some that are algae-resistant. This will make it easier for you to keep the growth of algae on your roof at bay. You won’t necessarily have to worry about a major build-up of this material on your roof. That is ideal since algae is both undesirable to look at and is also potentially damaging to your roof. If you can avoid this dynamic, then you can trust that your roof will last longer for you and that you will get more value out of it. Thus, you should invest in algae-resistant tiles if this might be an issue for you.