What Is a Silicone Roofing Coating System?

If you own a commercial building, you know how crucial it is to stay on top of your property’s upkeep and maintenance. Whether you have offices, retail stores, or a warehouse on your property, its condition will directly impact your business.

One of the most important but typically overlooked components is the commercial flat roof. A commercial roofing contractor will tell you that many businesses end up spending so much more on repairs later on because they did not care enough to pay attention to the roof of their building. 

Commercial flat roofs are usually made of cement. However, if you want to ensure the quality of your roof without the pain of additional expenses, you should consider getting a silicone coating for your roofing system. 

What Is a Silicone Roofing Coating System?

Essentially, this is an added layer of protection for your roofing. It’s quick and easy to apply, and it’s known to be very effective in preventing wear and tear. This is important, especially because repairing or upgrading your commercial roof because of deterioration or damage can be really expensive. 

To apply this, you need to work with a professional commercial roofing contractor. The process involves spraying the silicone roof coating material on the surface of the commercial roof. 

It may sound simple, but it does require proper skills and knowledge, especially regarding the equipment. Also, this shouldn’t be applied randomly. As part of safety measures, the roofing system must first be inspected and thoroughly cleaned before this material is applied.

Ideally, the roofing system will only need a single coating. The liquid sprayed on the surface will harden almost immediately, forming a tight seal acting as a protective covering. The great thing about this is that it can also be applied on smaller surfaces and would only need a brush application. 

Benefits of Silicone Roofing Coating System

The foremost benefit of using a silicone roofing coating system is the cost-efficiency of it all. With this protective seal in place, property owners like yourself can rest assured that your flat roof will be safe from wear and tear for many years to come. 

This means fewer maintenance and repair costs, as well as preserving the quality and structural integrity of the roofing system, among others.

It helps prevent the pooling of water, especially on uneven portions, it can help increase your LEED points by up to seven points, and you can enjoy as much as a 20-year warranty.

Talk to a professional today about applying a silicone roofing coating system today. Protect your commercial property and enjoy the benefits it can provide for your property’s roofing system.